Introducing Feast

Food with Friends

Discover, review, and share your favorite places to eat with your friends.


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Food with Friends

Introducing Feast


Discover restaurants with your friends.

Check out where your friends are eating and what they recommend — trusted reviews and restaurant information at your fingertips.


Grow and develop your food network.

Never forget restaurants that friends have been to and recommend. Easily access friends’ recommendations.


Save and share your restaurants.

Upload your restaurant experiences. Keep a record of everywhere you’ve eaten in your profile.


Search and scroll endlessly.

Word of mouth recommendations are inconsistent. Friends casually mention appetizing restaurants, but you never remember to go.

Untrustworthy reviews from strangers with dissimilar tastes. Worry about fake or biased reviews.

Difficulty in discovering new restaurants that you enjoy. Trying new restaurants is hit or miss.

Spend 15+ minutes researching where to eat. Then feeling dissatisfied with your decision.


Discover and decide dynamically.

Easily access friends’ recommendations. Never forget restaurants that friends have been to and the delicious dishes they recommend.

Trusted reviews from friends with good tastes. Never worry about the credibility of reviews again.

Finding good food has never been easier. Food recommendations tailored to your tastes and preferences.

A fun, novel way of deciding where to eat. Discover restaurants you’ll enjoy with friends.